A photography project by Marcello Niccodemi

In this photographic project my aim is to capture the natural context of all the most extreme places on Earth, including the highest peaks in the world: K2 and Everest, where I will stop at the first base camps.

My body and my eye will be tested by an incredible variety of terrains: from the volcanoes of Alaska, to the ice of Antarctica, to the desert of Namibia.

This adventure will be told through my social profile, a documentary and finally in the photo book. The goal is to create  dynamic, modern, and engaging content that will appeal to a much broader audience than the average nature enthusiast.

Sometimes someone notices what is happening around us and points it out to the person next to him, so the awareness of the beauty that surrounds us begins to spread, of how nature needs to be narrated in order to understand its fragility and of how ephemeral our existence is, more and more distant and alienated from the places to which our soul belongs.

We must maintain our ability to be touched by nature, so that we can transmit these emotions to those who remain apathetic in front of the colors of a sunset, the scents in the air, the whiteness of snow.

It is crucial to be able to transmit this sensitivity to future generations. The wonders of nature don’t need simple spectators, but it is essential that someone narrates it.

We live in an era in where images have absolute power over man, and with mine I hope to reach everyone’s heart, transmitting that bond with nature that we find when we visit places that are out of the ordinary, because in the end it’s a call that comes from the soul.

The team will consist of a minimum of 3 people: myself, someone will serve as chaperone, and a certified videomaker and/or production crew. Funds raised from sponsors and donations will be invested in:













My name is Marcello Niccodemi and I am a professional landscape photographer based in Torre del Lago Puccini where I have my study FRAME photo lab. 
In recent years I have specialized in mountain landscapes, immortalizing harsh climates that require a good physical preparation. 

During my career I have collected more than 10 honorable mentions at prestigious international competitions, a gold at the NYPA awards in New York and a finalist at the TIFA awards in Tokyo.

I now want to transmit my emotions to others, trying to bring those who follow me closer to that nature that may seem so harsh and inhospitable, but in reality can fill your heart.